Experienced Staff

Our experienced nursing staff has specialized training in orthopedic rehabilitation, post surgical, as well as, complex medical care. Our nursing staff works with each individual client to design a program that focuses on their personal needs and wants, while restoring optimal individual performance. We are committed to preparing short term residents for a speedy, safe and successful transition home while enabling maximum performance for a better quality life. Our staff is second to none:

  • Culture of Caring: It is our belief that our compassion and caring attitudes are as important as our clinically complex skills.

  • Physical Therapists

    Physical therapists work to improve patient strength, range of motion, coordination, balance, ambulation, positioning, and respiratory issues depending on the patient's needs and injuries.

  • Occupational Therapists

    Occupational therapists work to restore the patient's ability to carry out activities of daily living, like eating, bathing, dressing, returning to work, and driving, as well as independent living skills such as homemaking and money management.

  • Rehabilitation Nurses

    Rehabilitation nurses promote physiological and psychological functioning by encouraging a patient's independence. A patient's primary nurse works as a member of the rehabilitation team to implement plans of care, including medication management.

  • Licensed Social Workers

    The Social Worker's role is to help the patient and their family members address the social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive issues facing them after a traumatic event or injury.

  • Recreational Therapists 

    The therapeutic recreation specialist works to re-integrate patients into their home and community environments by using group and individual activities to address cognitive and physical skills.

  • Clinical Nutritionists

    A registered dietician works to develop a nutritional care plan for each patient based on medical, texture restrictions, and nutritional needs. Attention is given to the patient's religious, lifestyle restrictions, and personal tastes.

  • Pastoral Care Services

    A chaplain is available to visit patients, as requested or upon referral. New expanded chapel accommodates weekly and special occasion worship services, which are conducted for patients and staff of many different denominations.