Rehabilitation Gyms and

Wellness Center

Rapid Recovery & Aquatic Center is a high tech facility, utilizing the latest in quality equipment. Champion Rehab Therapists provide specialized rehabilitation services to inpatient and outpatient clients. Champion Rehab Therapists provide personalized, one-on-one care and attention to each individual they work with. Their goal is to develop a trusting rapport and relationship with each patient to facilitate consistent treatments, measurements, and outcomes. Guests of Rapid Recovery & Aquatic Center enjoy access to five state of the art gyms, an aquatic center, and private treatment rooms. A wide range of rehabilitation equipment is available including:

- Nautilis weight equipment providing a full body work out

- FlexTech Virtual Training computerized system

- Teadmills

- Ellipticals

- Recumbant bikes

HydroWorx warm water therapy pool

- Un-weighted gait system

- Upper and lower extremity sci-fit recumbant stepper

- Medicine balls

- Universal pulling system

- Free weights

- Biodex Balance System

- Ultrasound

- Electrical Stimulation

- Cervical and lumbar traction

- Occupational therapy kitchen and laundry

- Resistance bands

- Hand/arm bike machine

Benefits of the Champion Rehab Wellness Progam

The Champion Rehab Wellness program is a work out program customized just for you! This program is a designed to be a compliment to our rehabilitation services, decrease chance of re-injury and encourage an on-going active, healthy lifestyle. This wellness programs includes: 

- 3 sessions with one of our trained rehab staff including a thorough initial program assessment to determine

                  - Client's goals

                  - Past medical history

                  - Potential limitations/concerns

                  - Assurance of independence, safety and effectiveness of program

- FlexTech and Nautilis equipment training

- Follow up with rehab staff for program revisions and additional equipment training or questions