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Carson Palmer, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengal’s Journey to Recovery with HydroWorx therapy pool

ph-SI_carson_palmer.jpgRiding on the coattails of Carson Palmer’s Pro Bowl season, the Bengals were making their first playoff appearance in 15 years. On his first pass of the game – a 66 yard strike that momentarily filled the Cincinnati hopeful with joy, the Bengals quarterback tore ligaments in his left knee when he was hit by Pittsburgh Steeler, and 300-plus-pound defensive end, Kimo von Oelhoffen.

Carson Palmer waited two days before having surgery, which took place in Houston, on Jan 10. Palmer is now in week 20 of an arduous rehabilitation program – albeit unusually smooth up to this point. Palmer’s goal? To play in Cincinnati’s 2006 season opener, against the Chiefs on Sept. 10th, knowing full well that a normal range of recovery from such a debilitating injury is eight to 12 months.

After a number of months focused primarily on rebuilding atrophied muscles and regaining full range of motion, Palmer returned to Cincinnati to continue his rehabilitation at the Bengal’s facility – equipped with a HydroWorx 2000 therapy pool.

"The HydroWorx pools without a doubt are the most versatile pieces of equipment that we have in our training room at Paul Brown Stadium. The applications are virtually limitless" says Paul Sparling, Head Athletic Trainer for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The HydroWorx 2000 is the flagship model of its Pennsylvanian-based namesake. The floor of the pool is an 8-foot-by-12 foot treadmill that can rise to floor level for easy access by the injured Palmer. It can be adjusted to any depth of up to six-feet and can run at speeds of up to eight miles per hour.

This primary feature has allowed Palmer to begin walking, and now jogging, at a much earlier stage of rehab. Through the principal of buoyancy, Palmer is able to jog neck deep in water while taking most of the weight of his body off his knee. Additionally, underwater cameras allow Bengals athletic trainers to observe movements and diagnose any gait irregularities.

In the near weightless environment of an underwater treadmill, an injured athlete can walk or run without over-taxing the joint. The result is typically a speedier, more complete recovery from injury or surgery. That is a bottom-line issue and it is precisely why growing numbers of sports teams and universities are choosing HydroWorx. Top spinal research and sports medicine facilities, most notably Dr. James R. Andrews of the Andrew's Institute, have invested in HydroWorx pools as well.

-May 2008 Sports Illustrated

In the World of sports and healthcare today, many of the top doctors, hospitals, physical therapists, athletic trainers and personal trainers use HydroWorx to rehabilitate and train their patients and athletes daily. They find that HydroWorx accelerates recovery from injury and disease and provides a nearly weightless medium for exercise and conditioning.


Navy Seals

icon-navy_seals.pngThe U.S. Navy SEALs, arguably the toughest and most elite fighting force in the world, have enlisted HydroWorx technology to help keep the nation's soldiers healthy, fit and "at the razor-sharp tip of the spear" where there is no room for illness or error.

The Pittsburgh Steelers

icon-steelers.pngThe Pittsburgh Steelers have made HydroWorx aquatic therapy a major part of their exercise and rehabilitation regimen during both of their recent Super Bowl seasons. The world champs installed a HydroWorx pool in the spring of 2005. The team went on to win it all that year and have now become the most successful team in the history of the NFL with their 6th title in 2009.

The Philadelphia Phillies

icon-phillies.pngThe 2008 Philadelphia Phillies' dream season culminated in a World Series win. One of the best baseball teams in the world stays in top shape with the HydroWorx underwater treadmill machine.